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greetings from Baltimore

Another week, another city, and another chance to read and to talk about books with colleagues. What an exciting day at the VOYA Board Meeting here in Maryland. How nice to have a long flight to catch up on some reading, too. I finished RHYMES WITH WITCHES by Lauren Myracle on the flight up here from Texas yesterday. The gal in the window seat kept stealing glances at the book when she thought I was not looking. When I walked back to the bathroom, I think she picked it up and read the back cover. Too bad she could not have swiped it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story of a girl who will do anything to be popular, especially to be a part of the most popular circle, a group of 4 girls known as the Bitches (rhymes with...). There are only 4 in the group, one girl from each class in the high school. When Jane is tapped by the Bitches, her life changes in some major ways. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for popularity. Here is where the story makes an interesting turn and where the title takes on another layer of meaning.

I am in the middle of reading THE RISE AND FALL OF A TENTH GRADE SOCIAL CLIMBER which is making an interesting companion to RHYMES WITH WITCHES so far. Did not think of the connection when I threw them into the suitcase, was just looking for 2 galleys so the luggage would pass weight restrictions. Nice bit of serendipity.

Home tomorrow. Looking forward to another flight and another book.
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