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Another sunny day here in south Florida. What's a girl to do but pull out another book and crack it open? I did that this morning after a nice stretch in the pool. Will Weaver's DEFECT is without one. I read it from start to finish just a few moments ago (got in from the sun and finished reading in the AC condo) with not some small measure of satisfaction. Weaver creates a perfectly flawed character in David, a young man living with foster parents on a pig farm. David is not a good-looking guy. His unusual appearance causes the bully clique in the high school to target him for their usual cruelty. When he transfers to a "special" school, for the first time David feels his heart begin to thaw. Cheetah accepts David for who he is; David accepts Cheetah in the same manner. But the novel is more than David's redemption at the hands of people who love and accept him It is also about David, in turn, helping others and, in the process, discovering his own self worth.

I have been a huge fan of Weaver's work. I love STRIKING OUT and the other baseball novels. FULL SERVICE was one that flew under a lot of folks' radars in my opinion. MEMORY BOY would be great paired with Susan Beth Pfeffer's LIFE AS WE KNEW IT, too. This is a slender novel filled to the brim with memorable characters and scenes. You do not need a lovely sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean to see the beauty of this novel.
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