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some advice: read this book

No cover shot to include here as it is not available any more than the book is (the book is due out on March 2008). Siobhan Vivian's novel, A LITTLE FRIENDLY ADVICE, certainly will delight readers who are dealing with the myriad of problems faced by so many teens. Ruby turns sixteen. Her birthday party, a prelude to an evening out with her gal pals, is interrupted by a surprise appearance by her father. Ruby has had no contact with her Dad for years, since the day he waked out on her and her mother. The surprise is not a happy one and sets into motion a series of events that leaves Ruby wondering if she will ever know the truth.

At the outset, I was reminded of Richard Peck's UNFINISHED PORTRAIT OF JESSICA as Ruby deals with her surging emotions about Dad's departure. However, this book is about so much more than divorce. The issues of well intentioned friends trespassing into territory that is mined with unsorted feelings. I think that makes this book so strong: it mirrors the real world in which our teens live and negotiate. Most do not face just one central problem but a myriad of situations that all seem to confront at the same time.

Back to looking at the lovely waves out there in the Atlantic. I write this from south Florida where I am enjoying a few days off before classes start fast and furious.

ETA: Here is the cover. Thanks, Siobhan!

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