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Back on the road for a workshop in the DC area tomorrow. Time to read tonight in the hotel room. Good thing I am alone. I think the sobbing might have disturbed the residents of the back bedroom at home. BEFORE I DIE by Jenny Downham has already been published across the pond. David Fickling Books is bringing it to teen audiences here in the states in the fall.

Tessa is dying. She has a list of things she wants to do before her time is over. Tessa, though, is not your Camillesque tragic heroine. She has a sharp tongue and enjoys more than mischief. In short, she is so fully alive that readers (at least this one) will mark her death as a true tragedy. I adored getting to know Tessa and her brother Cal, her father who has become an expert on all things cancer, her mother who reluctantly shares some of Tessa's hospital experiences, her gal pal Zoey, and most of all the wonderful Adam from next door.

This is a brutally honest book that tears the fuzzy film from the Hollywoodized books about dying teens. It will take a courageous reader to face all that Tessa wants and all that Tessa has to endure. That courage will be rewarded.

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