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more adventures into the mist

Alexsa listens as Roland relates the story of his childhood. When Roland and his brother Thomas run away from the hard labor they are forced to do by the cruel Miss Vickers, they have no way of knowing that even greater danger lurks nearby. The two boys are thrust into the mist along with a mountain lion named Thorn. They travel to the Lake of Fire to bring back something for their new master, Mr. Clawsen. Roland and Thomas' life is threatened by bees, bats, and even greater challenges in a world that is shrouded in not only mist but mystery.

What I love about this book is that the narratives interrupt each other. Just as the story of Roland and Thomas is reaching a climax, readers are returned to the present day story of Alexsa and Yipes and the grown up Roland. It makes for some roller coasting ride and is thoroughly enjoyable. There are some lovely tie ins to books such as OLIVER TWIST and THE THIEF LORD that will enable readers to enjoy even more tales of brothers and orphans and adventures.
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