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American dreaming

I am a child of the 60s (and 70s too). My mother was investigated by the feds after I wrote an editorial for my high school paper on the Chicago Seven (she worked for Grumman at the time and apparently I was a threat since I asked for some justice in a southern Cal high school paper). I joined SDS my freshman year of college. There are even a few photos of me wearing buffalo sandals and red white and blue jeans. So, when the lovely and talented Victoria Stapleton asked me to write a reader's guide for a book called AMERICA DREAMING: HOW YOUTH CHANGED AMERICA IN THE'60S, I was totally on board. Today I saw the finished product (book and guide that doubles as a book mark) and am so pleased to be able to hold this book that tells of my own history in my hands. Author Laban Carrick Hill's first piece of nonfiction, HARLEM STOMP, won him much critical acclaim. This book should be received with similar fanfare. I know I will be sharing it with my own resident teens so that they can get just a glimpse of what that turbulent but exciting time was like.
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