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late to the dance

So, I am a little late with some of my reading. In this case, better late than never. I adore story collections; teens do not always appreciate them as much. I have a feeling this collection will help make a dent in their reluctance.

OK, many of us have hazy memories of prom. I, of course, attended with the man I thought I would marry, my first love, Roger. Ah...memory lane. I strolled down it as I read the stories in this remarkable collection. John Green, E Lockhart, Libba Bray, and Brent Hartinger are only a few of the talented new voices in YA who added a story to this book. Some of the stories are funny, some bittersweet, and some are heartbreaking. It was lovely to dip in and select one of my favorite authors and read her or his addition. I skipped back and forth, alternating between sweet and savage, admiring the sometimes brave and sometimes timid souls who indulge in the stress, the hype, and the wonder that is PROM.
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