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WHAT IF...? 75 FASCINATING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS was the skinniest book I had at home and so it was selected to travel with me to and from Kansas (small plane means one small carry on with computer, clothes, and toiletries for 2 days). As it turned out, I read it on the flight over. I love books like these and I know kids do as well.

Here are some of the questions:

what if...
I never cut my hair? Would I look like Cousin It?
I saved a quarter a day from the day I was born?
I never took a bath?
I put aluminum foil in the microwave?
I ate the desiccant packets they put in packing boxes?
the polar ice caps melted?

You get the drift. I have a "what if" kid at home. She will, of course, be spurred on to ask even more questions once she has read the book.

Heading out the door and HOME!!! Will most likely buy a book at the airport.
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