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vampires and werewolves, oh my!

It has been almost as tough to avoid spoilers for this book as it was for Harry Potter 7. However, since I was aboard a flight from Anchorage to Houston and then from Houston to Kansas, it was a tad easier to turn a blind eye to those posting about their reactions to this much anticipated book.

That Bella loved Edward has never been disputed; that Jacob is also a dear friend is also true. In the third novel about the pups and the bloodsuckers, Bella must make some difficult decisions. However, what sets this book (and indeed the others as well) is that this story could so easily devolve into a gothic romance. Meyer avoids that, instead focusing on Bella, a typical teen outside of her association with Edward and Jacob and their respective clans.

I enjoyed learning the back stories of some of the other characters and puzzling how Bellla would be influenced by the tales told by werewolves and vampires. The attack scenes were balletic and suspenseful. Who would survive? Would Bella lose one of her friends? How will the story of the love between Bella and Edward resolve? There are still a few questions to be answered. I await book #4.
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