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Alaska wonder

Due to the time change and my schedule, I had little time to do much tourist stuff here in Anchorage. Today, though, dawned crisp and cool and beckoning for some time outside. Hubby and I headed out for breakfast (yummy corned beef hash) and then up to Flat Top with its breathtaking (literally) view of Anchorage and the mountains beyond (Denali, McKinley). After a brief trail w3ak there we headed to Portage Valley and walked out to the Byron Glacier. Hubby actually picked up a handful of the glacial ice while I rested. It was such an incredibly awesome trail with each twist and turn presenting a new view to shoot.

Perhaps tonight I will find some time to make a deeper dent in ECLIPSE (I am about half way through) before we bid adieu to Alaska. I head to Kansas next. What a shift that will be.
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