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Breaking up is hard to do

Melissa Kantor's newest book for teens is smart and funny, just like its main character, Jennifer. When Max informs Jen that they should go to being just friends, she is heartbroken. Her grandmother, wishing to be helpful, buys her a copy of the Breakup Bible, a self help book for those who have been dumped. Jen takes little comfort from the book at first, preferring to wallow in her misery. However, she manages to pull herself together and move on with the rest of her life. The road is not smooth, but then life throws lots of curves at us as we try our best to navigate the highways and byways.

Despite its pink cover, this is not mere chick lit (and I am beginning to resent that term in any event). Jen has a lot going for her. She is no fool. She understands that there in not one way to act and react. She finds her way thanks to family and friends and to her own innate resilience as well.
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