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Cinco de Mayo

Back from IRA in San Antonio. It was a terrific conference with hundreds of people trying to squeeze into the sessions, especially those about YA literature and literacy. Chaired a session on TOUGH BOOKS FOR TOUGH TIMES featuring Jack Gantos, Don Gallo, Chris Crowe, CJ Bott, and Chris Crutcher. Arrived at the room at 1 (session began at 2) to find it full already. We had a great time!

I did manage to finish a few more books before heading home. David Lubar's INVASION OF THE ROAD WEENIES is perfect for reading aloud to kids who love a good laugh. Not only are the stories funny, Lubar gives readers a glimpse into the inspiration for each of them in a hilarious appendix. If you do not know Lubar's work, treat yourself to DUNK and FLIP, my two personal favorites.

There are some more to write about, but time is limited now as I head back out of town Sunday for a VOYA board meeting. Oh, and I received fantastic news this week: I was elected to serve on the 2007 Margaret Edwards Committee of YALSA. Finally!

Thanks to all the publishers at IRA who helped me strain my neck and shoulders and back by plying me with galleys. Hope to have some more books to blog shortly.
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