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Another day in paradise. Got up, drank coffee while watching a cruise ship come into the port. Went to the pool, swam, read, ate, back to room for more reading in the AC. Amanda (A.M.) Jenkins offers a departure from her usual fare (DAMAGAE, BREAKING BOXES, BEATING HEART) in her latest novel, REPOSSESSED. Just as Shaun is stepping off the curb into the path of a truck, one of the fallen angels, Kiriel, takes over his body. The experience of having a physical body along with all the sensations of being alive delights Kiriel no end. In Kiriel's possession, Shaun gets a new lease on his life so to speak. He begins to repair his relationship with his younger brother, Jason. He reaches out to Lane, a girl he finds beautiful (and hopes to score with, too). Even his encounter with the resident school bully makes a dent (in Shaun's lip for one thing).

The humor is gentle and unforced. Being fully human means experiencing all the emotions and feelings, the joys and pains, the triumphs and the ordinariness. Shaun/Kiriel is an interesting character, one that will appeal to readers for many reasons, not the least of which is Kiriel's love of all things sensual. Perhaps in the laughter will come a grin of recognition as well? This is a quick read and should appeal to reluctant readers from the great cover and title to the opening paragraph.
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