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David Lubar, fellow LJer, gives us another gem with his latest installment in the "weenie" saga with THE4 CURSE OF THE CAMPFIRE WEENIES (Starscape, 2007). The format is the same as the other books, short stories meant, no begging, to be read aloud, in the dark with flashlight firmly under the chin. Stories range from monsters lurking inside wood chippers, pretty necklaces, and other places I would never secure before bedtime (and ensuant nightmares) to a troop of Girl Scouts singing mindlessly hour after hour.

Lubar has just the right touch, bending horror and humor in equal doses to delight and entertain readers of all ages. Perfect for reading aloud or for simply reading when you have a couple of minutes to spare, this collection should become part of the intermediate and middle school classroom and school libraries. What I adore about this and the other collections is the appendix from Lubar that talks about the genesis of the idea for each story. English teachers would do well to share Lubar's appended material as well with kids at the beginning of the school year. Pair this concept with Linda Rief's new Reader's/Writer's Notebook (Heinemann) and have kids keep a "what if?" section.
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