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Judy Blume sighting and other exciting events at ALA

Today was the Margaret Edwards luncheon. It should come as no surprise that Lois Lowry's speech was powerful. In the audience were other authors, past winners of the award, including Judy Blume. I managed to snap a photo of Blume and Lowry together. It is a shot I will treasure and post here eventually (I forgot to being the cable that connects the camera to the computer for downloading photos.

This afternoon was the first ever meeting of the Odyssey Committee and I already adore the folks with whom I get the honor to serve. We had a productive afternoon and now I am ensconced in the hotel to read, listen, write, grade, and then snooze.

DC weather continues to hold and walking is lovely. Now if I could just figure how to get to the exhibits tomorrow!

Here is Lois Lowry and Judy Blume. Below is the Edwards Committee (well half of us) with Lowry.

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