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dinner with Lois Lowry

Just so you can live vicariously through my ALA experience, I will take a few minutes before crashing into bed to say that Lisa Di Sarro throws a wonderful dinner. Great food, wonderful publisher (Houghton Mifflin) and then add Edwards' winner, Lois Lowry into the mix. Food was to die for, but the conversation was more sparkling than the champagne raised in a toast to Lois for her award. Tomorrow is the lunch where Lowry will deliver what is certain to be a terrific speech. Tonight was just for telling stories and jokes and recounting past encounters. There is nothing like talking about books, kids, libraries, and the people who bring books to kids. So, though the hour is late for me, the time makes no difference in how elated this evening left us all.

More tomorrow from meetings.

And a quick side note that breakfast was lovely courtesy of Mimi Kayden, Dina Sherman, and the other lovely folks at HarperCollins. We had a bird's eye view of the Washington Monument and surrounding areas. And I got to see Chris Crutcher, Terry Trueman, Patty Campbell, Joni Bodart, Bonnie Kinzel,Walter Mayes, Betty Carter, and so many others (sorry if I left you off this distinguished list). Now it is time for YALSA All Committee here in MY hotel followed by the Edwards' luncheon and then Odyssey meetings the rest of the afternoon. So glad I decided not to go out with a publisher tonight. I think I will stroll down to Chinatown and get some grub. More later. Check out the YALSA Blog, too.
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