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I am not dead yet

I have been listening like mad to the final few titles for the Odyssey Committee to deliberate at ALA in just a few more days, so there have not been many postings of late. I will tell you that I am reading some things, but for the most part am waling around the house with the headphones in place. Talk about learning curves. I am a huge proponent of audio and I think that admiration and passion for audio grows with each successive listening.

I am also waist deep in grading, hoping to get lots done before heading to DC and parts beyond.

Listened to SPAMALOT today as I worked in the office and thought the subject line most apt.

I hope to see some of the LJers in DC. We will be there to cheer on Cindy Lord and some of the others who are getting the recognition during the meetings and banquets. I will blog from there for YALSA as well.

BTW, is anyone else out there twittering?
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