professornana (professornana) wrote,

some observations

I completed my self-quarantine today, 2 weeks after flying home from a visit with the great-granddaughter. As far as I know, I remain uninfected by the corona virus. And I am struck by how things remain the same despite the obvious scary news. Two examples:

1. As she has done for several years, Nurse Girl calls someone each night as she is driving home after her shift. She did the same as College Girl when she would have to walk back to her dorm from a late night flute practice (yes, Nurse Girl transferred from music to nursing her junior year). She calls me, BH, or one of my sisters. This pas week, she traded shifts with one of her colleagues who is pregnant and, so, is working in the cover-19 unit right now. Her drive home is anywhere from 30-45. That gives us plenty of time to catch up on everything. She wants to talk about life outside of the hospital. We chat about finding toilet paper and other essentials. We worry about the people we see congregated with the social distancing instructions. She asks me how I am doing. I ask her how she is faring. Is she getting enough sleep? Food? When she reaches her driveway, she chirps, "Well, I'm home. Bye." I love this. This is College Girl and Flute Girl and Nurse Girl all rolled into one.

2. I forward my office phone to my cell phone so I end not to miss calls. This last week, I received two phone calls from students. Both were students worried about deadlines since their being home also meant additional stress. I counseled both the same way I would have done in any other semester. I reassured them that I would accept their work when I was completed and to please keep me apprised of their situation along the way. This is really no variation from past semesters. I do take a hard line about hitting deadlines, but I do have exceptions.

And, this afternoon Karin Perry and I did our annual TLA book presentation using Zoom. Gosh, it was great to be with Karin and Talking books again! The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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