professornana (professornana) wrote,

a week in quarantine=many books read

As I said in the first post this week: when it is quiet here, it is time to read. While I have not quite cleared the stacks back in my work room, I am making a nice dent. AND i filled yet another bag/box with books to float on to new readers. I hope when all this is over or at least more calm, folks will come and get the boxes and bags for their classes. Heaven knows when that may be at this point, but they wait patiently as books will do.

I have seen some comment on social media that they have set a daily schedule for their extended break. Not me. Other than having a leisurely cup of coffee while reading email and social media posts, my day is up to me. I might sleep in; I may be up before dawn. I might get caught up in a project and forget to eat breakfast. I might have a lovely breakfast that calls for a nap. And so it goes; each day is a bit different. And during this self-quarantine time, I am enjoying the lack of routine. Back to reading. I have stacks upon stacks upon avalanching stacks--picture books all the way to YA. Two more boxes arrived in the last few days, and I know there are others crowding my office. The boxes give me something else to do: open and sort and stack.

So, what is up next to read? I have several books almost completed. They have been my airplane books (remember those? airplanes, I mean, not books). I intend to finish those next. I might attack the floor full of picture books under my desk after that. Or perhaps there are some "have to read them now" books in the boxes. I do know I still have some professional things to read, too.

So let the quarantine continue. I still have a week left in my self-quadrantine. After that it is anybody's guess.
Tags: books, reading for pleasure

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