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The lovely Linda Benson believes in broadening my horizons when it comes to books to review for VOYA. Last year she sent me SAMURAI SHORTSTOP which I adored. Now I have to add John Feinstein's latest sports novel for teens to the list. COVER-UP is an absorbing mystery with a nice touch of romance and some great action plays on the Superbowl field to boot (pun intended). Steve and Susan Carol are broadcasting now for a kids' sports show. However, right before the two of them are to depart for the Superbowl in Indianapolis, Steve gets word that he is being replaced. It seems his TV-Q is not what the network wants. So Susan Carol will be paired instead with a pretty boy band singer. Steve gets to go to the Super Bowl thanks to the intervention of his newspaper pal Bobby. And there are more surprises in store as Susan Carol and Steve descend on the Super Bowl activities and uncover a cover-up that could break wide open.

Reluctant teens who love sports and a good mystery will surely plow through this book as quickly as I did. Short chapters, each titled with some reference to a play or sports term make this a page turner.
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