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Well, that was a long absence from blogging for me (and I hope for my readers). Just in case you did mot know, I have been home only a week after more than 3 months in hospitals dealing with what was thought to be another round of cancer plus the treatments. Now I am home trying to grow my hair back (yes, I am bald once again thanks to chemo) and walk without assistance (apparently spending that amount of time in bed has negative effects on legs). Pun intended, I am making strides toward walking daily.

All the time in the hospital all I could thin about was going home. It made me work hard in my therapy sessions, proving my therapists I was strong enough to head home to family (BH and Scout for starters). And now I am home working on the things that are still a bit tough for me.

I think about home because the first book I managed to read after chemo (chemo makes me not able to pay attention to a text either in written or audio form)is LOVE by Matt de la Pena and Loren Long. Returning to reading was also returning home to something I love, something that has long been a part of my life, something that gives me a feeling of comfort and belonging. And how could I NOT belong in this book? I see myself on each spread. I find myself feeling as though a warm blanket has been drawn across my shoulders and i turn the pages.

And I am not alone. A quick read of my Twitter feed shows how many kids and older kids are identifying with this book.

A quick note as I finish: if you did not see Jason Reynolds interviewed on the Daily Show last night, track it down online. Watch it and rejoice about what is said about books and reading.
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