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A confluence of events

Hurricane Harvey gave many of us an extended "vacation" from teaching this past week. Of course, in the online teaching biz, there is no downtime as long as there is wifi and electricity, so I had grading to do. It helped me fill the time. Between the lake rising up my street, the news of family and friends being evacuated, and the 24/7 coverage on TV showing devastation, there have been moments of feeling helpless. When those arose, I make it a point to donate $$$ to various organizations. Thanks to Kylene Beers, I donated to the Diaper Bank ( I texted Harvey to 90999 to donate to the Red Cross. And don't tell anyone, but there will be some swag from the Texas Library Association given as gifts ( since I donated to Texas Libraries Disaster Relief.

Friends on Facebook and Twitter provided other links for donations, too. And Kate Messner spearheaded the Kidlit Cares effort that has items for auction with proceeds going to disaster relief ( I hope all of you who can will donate to the organizations which will help folks hurt by Harvey.

This unexpected time of cancelled appointments and meetings meant, of course, time to read. It also resulted in time to weed. The result is (so far) 4 boxes of books, ARCs, and F&Gs. Once the flood waters recede, I know some local librarians will be happy to help me float on these books. But for now, $$$ donations will go further. My friend and colleague, Rose Brock put it more bluntly when she shared a piece from CBS news asking people to donate funds instead of "stuff."

One other thing to note here: the incredible outpouring of love from friends. I cannot tell you how many folks emailed, messaged, posted messages during this all. I had offers of places to go (and to bring BH and Scout with me no less) from so many friends and even from folks I know only through social media. I appreciate the people checking up and checking in. I am trying to do the same with my students, asking them to check in as they can and sending emails to the few folks who have not checked in online yet. I know some of them are wrestling with Harvey.

My pal Claudia Swisher reminds us every Friday: "Take care of yourself Take care of each other Buckle up Hug a dad or a mother Tell someone you love them Be kind to a stranger." Let's make every day a Friday?
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