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Had a few days of nonstop activity with little time to read. Hopefully, that is past now. Finished one of the books nominated for 2006 Quick Picks ( and you can see the list of nominations from the YALSA web site), AN ORDER OF AMELIE, HOLD THE FRIES by Schindler. This graphic novel's format is similar to MAKING UP MEGABOY though the subject matter is a bit lighter. Amelie and Tim explore a possible friendship via notes, email, and text messages. Of course, there are complications: Amelie is older, she has a fiancee. Tim, however, is persistent and the story ends quite happily. I think this is a wonderful alternative to the sappy romance novels available for teens. I appreciated how the plot was advanced nicely without a traditional narrative as well. I have a few pages left in the stunning new Graham Salisbury novel, EYES OF THE EMPEROR, a look at a disturbing and little known piece of WWII history. As are most of his works, Salisbury sets this story in Hawaii immediately before and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Three friends, all in the service and of Japanese descent, are part of a group commanded to take part in a secret training program. I do not want to give too much away here as I think the book provides an incredible examination of this piece of history. It is amazing how contemporary this book feels as well since after September 11 fear of the "other" ran rampant. Too terrific books, two very different books. Now on to FUNNY MONKEY. Read an enthusiastic post about this book on YALSA-BK yesterday so it has moved to the top of my reading pile.
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