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29 April 2017 @ 09:52 am
I wish you more...  

To honor the life and the work of Amy Rosenthal Krause, I offer a short but heartfelt post.

And I encourage you all to follow what folks around the country are doing to honor this remarkable woman who left us much too soon.

I wish you more:

Stories. Stories grow inside us even after we have read them in a book or heard them told aloud. I wish us all those stories that touch our hearts and minds. I wish us the access to these stories, too.

I wish you more:

Joy. Small joys can change the course of a day for someone. Small joys can lift spirits. Small joys can cause a chain reaction. As someone who spent a lot do time feeling less than joyous in the hospital, I know the power of those small joys--a text, a photo, a tweet or post, a phone call. I wish everyone some small joy each and every day.

I wish you more:

Love. There is no conversation or phone call among my sisters that does not end with, "I love you." The day never ends without BH and I saying, "I love you." We need to be sure we say it time and again. On Amy's birthday, today, she wanted as a gift that we let people know of our love at 4:29. Let's make sure that happens today and every day.

I wish you more.