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09 October 2016 @ 11:03 pm
I believe the children are the future  
But I am not certain that the Presidential candidates feel the same. In the debates thus far, there has been ZERO discussion of education in the US. It troubles me. I understand that economic issues and foreign relations are also paramount. However, if they are dedicated to "making American great again," education has to play a significant role.

Mr. Trump's "plan" for educations boils down to choice. Vouchers, charters, portability: they are all sides of the same coin. What I long to hear (along with my fellow educators) is how the plan will be implemented to ensure equal access for all. Will he eliminate the Secretary of Education position? How will fudge me different and better under his leadership? Who are his advisors?

Hillary Clinton has a "plan" on her site, but it is insufficient.

So, let's see if someone will speak up...
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