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Playing with some language here. I have been taken aback lately at the lack of common courtesy on social media. I am all for disagreements and discussion that moves an idea forward. What I cannot abide is the name-calling, the dismissive tone, the replies that shut down communication.

I am not getting into particulars here, but there are some people who feel it is acceptable to attack someone for a different point of view. Charges range from calling the person ill-informed to attacking them on a more personal level.

I am willing to engage in discussion. Maybe I need more information. Maybe I am not seeing something clearly because I do not have the background or experience. However, after seeing some of my friends and colleagues excoriated for an innocent post in support of a book, I am beginning to rethink my presence on social media. Yes, I want to hear differing opinions. I want more information. I need to see different perspectives. However, the best way to open my eyes is through a respectful discussion, a give and take of idea and sentiments. Instead, what I see are personal attacks.

I appreciate all of the connections I receive from social media. I have learned so much. However, I also realize that social media allows some people to believe that they are free to be critical without being professional. I am aware that, when I post to social media, that my words can be misconstrued and misinterpreted. That is why I tend to post more here at the blog where I can edit and revise as needed. Even then, sometimes I get attacked by trolls who disagree with my opinions and feel free to call me names and tell untruths about me.

So, please a plea for reasoned discussion. No name-calling. No piling on. If you disagree with me or my point of view that vehemently, unfollow or unfriend me. Or just read the posts, shrug it off, and move on. This idea that everything must be challenged and that some people have to have the last word so they can declare victory is distasteful.
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