professornana (professornana) wrote,

Random Thoughts/Questions

1. Maybe we could make "old" research more relevant by calling it vintage?
2. Maybe I should call myself vintage?
3. Why are books in the canon deemed more worthy? More rigorous?
4. What is wrong with giving new readers text that is more decodable? More accessible?
5. Why are we always pushing for harder, longer, etc. in books?
6. What prevents us from finding time to read and write?
7. How can someone outside of our classrooms select the best books, materials for our kids?
8. How many of us opt for some books that are not in our RL or Lexile band without feeling a twinge of guilt?
9. What does engagement look like in YOUR classroom?
10. How can we offer more choice to our students?

I have been musing about these questions on and off today as I updated the operating systems on the phone, watch, and tablet. It is amazing how thoughts ping back and forth when I am waiting for downloads and installation. I also managed to finish one book and make it about halfway through a second. Add in grocery shopping, making a crock pot of soup, and today was productive.

Now I am watching PBS Newshour highlighting private for-profit schools. Time to change the channel.
Tags: questions without answers
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