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14 September 2016 @ 07:02 am
The survey says...  
So, today there is a new survey about what college kids know about the world in which they live by the Council of Foreign Relations (http://www.cfr.org/global/new-survey-finds-critical-gaps-college-aged-students-global-literacy/p38280). The sources students use to obtain information were as follows:

The Global Literacy Survey also revealed that college students get their information about the world by relying on a variety of resources. For example, respondents say they get their information about the world from the following sources:

Facebook (43 percent);
CNN (40 percent);
ABC News (33 percent);
Huffington Post (26 percent); and
comedy news programs (21 percent).

The complete survey is available as a downloadable PDF here: http://i.cfr.org/content/newsletter/files/CFR_NatGeo_ASurveyonGlobalLiteracy.pdf.

I think we need to talk about some of the results of this. Of course, the "journalists" are already decrying the sad state of education and the even sorrier state of youth who will vote in hr next election. I wonder, though, how well I would fare on these questions and how well some of those being critical would as well. I also wonder if maybe in pointing fingers of blame, folks are overlooking the disastrous effect of a testing environment might affect knowledge. If it is not going to be on the test, why should someone know it?

Lots of questions here. Lots of work we need to do to make our kids more aware of the global society in which we all live. AND one final thing: what if we extend the "n" of this survey beyond 1200 participants?
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