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This piece is a must read for those who are interested in diversity in books for children: What I appreciate here is that the article, though too brief to go in depth, gets to the heart of some of the surrounding issues. The final paragraph sums it up nicely with this sentence, " Whose story gets told, and who gets to tell it?"

In the past, most of the stories were told about white characters. In the 1960s, Nancy Larrick commented on this in an article entitled, THE ALL WHITE WORLD OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS ( Here we are 50 years later. How much have things changed? Not nearly enough.

Here are some articles and posts about the topic. This of us who love books and reading and would love to see #wndb be more than a hashtag need to educated ourselves, too.

Take a look, too, at and Follow the discussion on Twitter and Facebook. The more we know, the better we are to share literature that reflects true diversity.
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