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Back to work

Today was our first official faculty meeting of the semester. Many of us have been on campus regularly during the summer to take care of classes, check boxes of books, and just to have the opportunity to see one another and share some stories of our summers. But there is something comforting about knowing we will see one another weekly at our meetings. Often, the meetings begin with a shared meal. We veer off into discussions from time to time, but one of us generally steers us back (and we sort of take turns at that). We share books with one another. We brainstorm ideas. But more than that, we are a small team of people who respect one another's knowledge and expertise.

And we are a mighty team. We got our new committee assignments yesterday. While they are daunting, we were all volunteering to help the others with their charges. We are a team.

Quite frankly, this is why I am still working. I love my colleagues. I love teaching my passion--literature. The other "stuff" is part of any job. So, I will repeat all year, "I love my job," when the other "stuff" intervenes and I begin to feel overwhelmed or snarky.

I hope everyone of my teacher buddies has a terrific beginning, middle, and end to the new school year. You do important work, and I am honored to know you.
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