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Start to finish

This week is my official vacation for the summer. Meetings begin next week. Classes open then as well. Despite the short, short, short nature of the time off between semesters, I still am excited about the new school year. Every years holds out hope; it has the promise of new beginnings; there are new faces (even though I see them online).

But there is also the return of colleagues, some of whom I have not seen for some time. I have had the chance to work with Karin Perry from time to time over the summer, but being together for meetings and office hours and committees and just personal interaction heightens the delight of this new beginning. I will be surrounded by smart, personable folks. We will talk through our summer adventures. We will share our work on our classes. We will EAT! Community will be restored.

And the classes look bright, shiny, and new as I complete the overhaul of all 3 of the courses I am teaching the semester. I am trying some new "stuff," some new approaches, some new tools. I am certain there will be some tweaking necessary despite my best attempts. Heck, I found a typo on one of the syllabi today, a syllabus that has been through spell check, too. But I also know the students deserve something new from me as I head into my 27th year at SHSU and my 41st year as an educator. I keep it fresh for all of us, I hope.

So, for all of you heading back, I wish you a fresh and exciting year. I wish you passionate learners. I wish you sufficient funding for your classroom necessities. I wish you leadership that knows the difference between mentoring and guiding and prescribing. I wish you autonomy to do what you already do well. Teach the children.

The words of the CSN&Y song, "Teach your children," aways resonates with me this time of year.Here are the lyrics:

Remember that we need to teach the children and we need to let them teach us. What will I learn this year?
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