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back to the future

I was so exhausted last night that I did not have the energy to blog. So, I am making up this morning. Karin Perry and I spent the day sharing books and ideas with librarians and teachers in the Rio Grande Valley. We opened the longing by sharing our Reading Lives and then invited participants to share theirs. We saw what we always do. So many of us shared experiences on the road to lifelong readers. Parents who read. Getting books. Teachers and librarians who share their love of reading along the way.

What separates some of us, though, is the access to books. Some of our participants were children of migrant workers, so access to books in temporary homes or public libraries was limited. How can we guarantee access? We brainstormed some ideas.

We explored diversity. We talked about building a culture of reading in the school and in the larger community. It was a full and satisfying day with much more to come today.
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