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Strength in numbers

I cannot overlook the historic moment playing out on television as I sit down finally to write this blog post. It was a long travel day. I was home less than half a day, enough time to unpack and repack. Then, it was the usual day at the airport with some delays. After, Donalyn and I sat in rush hour traffic taking 2+ hour to travel 40 miles. But a couple of things tonight have buoyed me. Dinner with the Heinemann folks followed by Hillary's acceptance speech. How do I make this all come together, I wonder. I am past exhaustion, but some things need to be said (and written) before I crash for the evening.

I think the slogan "Stronger Together" is emblematic of what many of us believe as we try to convey the elements f a reading community. It dies not matter if the community is in a fifth grade classroom in Illinois or a graduate course in Texas delivered online or a middle school classroom in Georgia or Maine or anywhere else for that matter. Many of us began as one small voice for change in our communities. We pushed ahead on our own. But when we found others who were like minded, we discovered we were "stronger together."

Donalyd n and I talked about our "coaching tree," something I think of as our family tree as well. When I was still a relatively new teacher, I was fortunate to work with Kylene Beers, to hear Lucy Calkins and Nancie Attwell and Dick Abrahamsson and each of these voices helped to shape my work in classrooms. And now I see the next generation including Donalyn and Penny Kittle and others. And there are ore coming: Pernille Ripp, Colby Sharp, John Schu. I know there are others coming after them.

And we are STRONGER TOGETHER. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. We raise our voices in near unison. We support one another. We celebrate one another. We encourage one another. Because we are STRONGER TOGETHER. We all are.
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