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Alex Flinn gets Beastly!

So, yesterday consisted of a lovely Mother's Day lunch with hubby and the granddaughters. Then, it was off to the airport to catch a flight to Toronto for the International Reading Association conference. We did not get here until after midnight and the dear old hubby is still snoring on the other side of the room. However, habits die hard. It is Monday and that is normally an office day for me. So, I was up and at 'em at mu usual time. No matter, there are papers to read and blogs to update.

The flight was long but made bearable by the new Alex Flinn novel, BEASTLY. What a departure for Flinn who takes readers into a sort of magical realism, fairy tale meets the Big Apple story that examines the nature of beauty and truth. Kyle is a self-centered prig (or another similar word would do for an apt description) who (though he does not know it) is much like his famous newscaster father: mostly veneer. When Kyle tells Kendra he will take her to the school dance as a prank, little does he suspect that a woman scorned could be a witch who is going to teach him an important lesson.

However, this is no mere fairy tale variant. Flinn explores serious issues in the lives of Kyle and the people who come to his rescue after this transformation. One of my fanvorite pieces in the novel are the online chats among Kyle/Beast and Froggie, Silent Girl (a mermaid), Grizzlyguy, and Mr. Anderson. Careful readers will no doubt recognize these strays from other stories and the persona of the chat room supervisor, Mr. Chris Anderson as well.

Some readers will appreciate the romance, others will zero in on the traditional story. Flinn offers much in this beautiful story. Cover will have to wait until my return to all the tekkie stuff at home, However, the cover is also a knock out.
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