professornana (professornana) wrote,

Voices of (T)reason

It is impossible NOT to be political when thing about education. Education has been a political football for years. NCLB, RACE TO THE TOP, and now ESSA. Educators have lost so much autonomy to those who live outside of our classrooms. So I am compelled to make a political comment here. I cannot remain silent.

When someone who has never spent ONE SINGLE DAY in a public school, he or she cannot tell those of us in the classrooms (even the virtual classrooms of our online world) how to "fix" education. At the convention the other night, someone who is the product of private schools made several assertions about the state of education. He likened US schools to Soviet era stores, that charter schools are the solution, and that tenure is perhaps the worst thing to happen to education ever.

There is not enough blog space in the world to address these claims. Suffice to at that they are all WRONG if not outright lies. He also places the blame with the "other" party. He also claimed other countries permit choice in schools. Wrong.

The idea that competition is good for education directly reveals this misbegotten concept that education and business are somehow the same. Wrong.

I suggest we all begin our letter writing campaign now to the nominees for the Presidency. We need to speak up, SpeakLoudly about what we know works, about what we know does not work, about the TRUTH in education.
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