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I spoke about the need for diverse books Monday at the Boothbay Literacy Retreat. The refrain referred to books as mirrors, windows, and doors. I have written about this topic on the blog from time to time. This post seems to be a popular one on the subject matter, so here is the link:

The presentation I gave Monday was not the one I had planned. But Sunday evening's speaker exhorted us to be agents of change, literacy activists, rebels. So I dug out the #WNDB presentation that Karin Perry and Rose Little-Brock. I shifted some items and deleted others given the make-up of the audience here (it was originally intended for undergrad teacher ed students). I recorded the book talk in advance so folks could go back and listen again. Here is the link to the You Tube video:

While I am not King of the Forest, I am the Goddess of YA. So I hope my passion is contagious. And I hope you will share the post and the video widely.
Tags: #wndb
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