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Victorian England will never be the same once you have read LARKLIGHT. It turns out that those Victorians were quite clever when it came to space exploration and settlement. Art Mumby and his family live comfortably at Larklight, their home in space. It seems at the outset a proper British abode until one realizes the home is cared for my hoverhogs, tiny flying pigs who clean up the crumbs cast aside by the human residents who in zero gravity. One morning, Art and his father and sister are attacked by space spiders. Art and his sister Myrtle end up in the care of Jack Havoc, a space pirate whose ship is manned by all manners of alien creatures. Now the adventure is just underway as brother and sister hurtle through space hoping to save the Queen from the alien spiders.

Pirates, aliens, and proper cups of tea: the charm of this story is irresistible. Chapter subtitles are lengthy and convoluted, a wonderful send up of the genre. Author Reeve has a wicked sense of humor and a strong sense of family dynamics in Victorian England. The ending of the story seems to indicate the possibility of sequels galore.
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