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Just in case

I am supposed to be headed south of Houston to do some PD this afternoon. Given the weather situation, that might not happen. The best laid plans and all that. But I did not want to forget to post this link to a blog post that should receive a wider audience. While the post is several months old (October 2015), it is one that resonates especially in light of a recent challenge to Jason and Brendan's book:

And while you are there at the blog site, browse and read some more. Look at Nina Lindsay's post from May 10 about summer reading. Read reviews and posts about who gets to review books. More than a hashtag, we need diversity. I say this every semester as I create the list of the few required books for my classes. I reflect on these posts as I try to bring more diversity to my library science students' attention.

Summertime is a great time to read more. Let's make it a time to read both personally and professionally. Let's take some time to read things that discomfit us, that challenge us, that urge us to take action.
Tags: #wndb, hashtags
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