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Your calendars may say otherwise, but here in Texas, it is summer. Our AC is working nearly 24 hours a day to keep ahead of the 90 degree temps. Right now, we are thankful that it is not 90 until about 10 in the morning. That gives us time to shower, dress, and head to the office in relative comfort. I just wrote some blog posts for summer for Follett and gave recommendations for summer time reading ranging from mentor picture books to graphic novels to middle grade books to nonfiction.

Tomorrow brings more than predictable heat and humidity, though. June is Audiobook Month. Here is a link from Books on Tape about celebrating audio: I want to put in my 2 cents as well. On the drive to the office this morning (yes, as many of you are going on summer breaks, my colleagues and I are headed back for summer classes; 4 classes in 10 weeks for me), I finished reading a book "with my ears." In the commuting and travelling I will do this summer, I will add to my #bookaday lists dozens of books I might not have had the chance to read. I started THE SECRET GARDEN in the last 10 minutes of my commute this morning. You know, I do not recall having read this book (shame on me!), and I have fallen in love with the language and with the narrator already. Last month I listened to a full-cast reading of tales from the Brothers Grimm. Last summer I listened to Anne of Green Gables, another book I had missed in my childhood.

I can read with my ears while driving, sitting in an airplane, working around the house. I appreciate what audiobooks add to my reading. I can read more diverse books without dialect, word choice, etc. interfering. I can read adult books when I have the chance to squeeze in a few. I can revisit old favorites (Grasshopper Jungle) and find new ones (the aforementioned Anne of Green Gables). And did I mention, I can do some of this reading for FREE?

Check out Guys Listen with Jon Scieszka and Rose Brock:

Learn about listening with a critical ear via Mary Burkey's audiobook lexicon:

Put on your reading ears and enjoy the sounds of fabulous narrators bringing books old and new to life.
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