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Here is a link to a story posted to Facebook yesterday: I am thrilled to see a kid praised for reading. I just wish it were not in the context of Accelerated Reader. Sigh.

Here is the telling part about this reader: "Matthew has a Nook and about two hundred books at home, along with a library card at the Thomas Township Library, said his mother, Monique Staley of Freeland."

What would happen if we cou8ld make sure each and every kid had a Nook or Kindle or device? How much might they read if they had access to hundreds of books at home, particularly now that summer is approaching and access to books will be difficult for so many kids? What might improve if kids could not only have library cards, but have a way to get to the library? I know the answer to these questions and so do you.

They might not amass thousands of AR points in hopes of prizes (although it sounds as though Matthew is in it for the reading), but if the books they have access to are books they have selected, and if parents help set aside time to read during the summer (I love that Matthew's mother has to take away his glasses and Nook so he will actually sleep at night and remember my own mother exhorting me to go outside and play), then I suspect they, too, will read lots of books.

What else might happen? We might stave off the "summer slide." See this for more information:
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