professornana (professornana) wrote,

Words, words, words

Polonius asks Hamlet what he is reading. Hamlet's retort is, "Words, words, words." Today I see once again the power of words. It began with an incredible sermon at Mass today that discussed the Ascension in a new light. It proceeded with a text message from Career Girl (and she earns a new moniker as she and her BH move out of state where she now is Tennessee Girl) that reduced me to tears. Fast forward to lunch where Nurse Girl (she approves the new moniker) gifted me with a lovely carving from Zimbabwe along with a hand-written note that made me tear up. I laughed at Scout's card (who knew he could use the Internet?).

Now, as I watch some news, once again, i see the power of words. Words used a barbs to wound, words used carelessly to mock, words used that seem to acknowledge defeat. I am dismayed at the difference between the words itching in a perfect picture book or novel and the words some hurl in an effort to deflect attention. Is it any wonder that I seek refuge in books? Within the pages of a book, I experience that laughter, those tears, that pain. But I can emerge unscathed and maybe even changed from the story. Real life is a bit more problematic. More than ever before, we need books. We need words that comfort and console and challenge.
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