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new learning

Sat in a workshop today given by one of my colleagues at the university. New learning: more internet devices than people exist; IPv6 protocol allows us to assign an IP address to every grain of sand on earth. How does this affect communication and networking? How many electronic devices do we have in our homes?

Metadata is a love note to the future.

As a counterpoint, a recent newsletter from one of my professional organizations was touting the use of text sets, AKA thematic units, AKA (BSP) reading ladders. So, on one hand I am learning about how much more I can do with social media and then I am dragged back to the Rip Van Winkle world of education.

Yet, I know both ends of this spectrum are essential. I am not the person who says that books will become obsolete and that libraries should all be composed of eBooks and online resources. But neither am I a luddite who insists on the actual physical book. I feel comfortable with a foot in both worlds. Rather than the road less travelled, I want the opportunity to explore both roads, to circle back to the fork and take one road and then the other and then perhaps circle back and do it all over again. It is to so much that the roads will change (though they do as anyone who has lived in one place for any length of time can attest), but I change. I change with each step I take down one road. I change with each book I read. I change with each web site I visit. And for someone who hates change, I seem to do a lot of it.

I wonder about our kids and how they feel and where they would situate themselves? How do they feel about changing roads and changing selves?
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