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larger format GNs

For the second time this month, I received a new GN that is larger format (i.e., PSB dimensions). Before this, I can only recall a couple of GNs in this size. Art Speigelman's GN on September 11th comes to mind. I wonder if this is a new trend? Or maybe it's been going on and I simply have not seen more than these.

In any event, I read BLINDSPOT by Kevin Pyle this morning. Read it right on the heels of the Newsweek issue on the VT shootings. So, my spidey-sense was tingling immediately as I read about a kid who has moved often, for whom school is not rewarding. This is a kid whose friends like to explore woods, who throw rocks at a homeless man and destroy his lean-to shack. Uh-oh.

Fortunately, this book takes a turn.

I liked Pyle's use of monochromatic colors: light blue in the home; dark green in the forest. Olive, sepia tone, 4 color splashes for fantasy. This is a perfect QP book, a great book for boys, and one I think teachers need to know as well.

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