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Playing chicken while being fully human

Things sometimes get crazy busy. Today was one of those days. One meeting followed by another followed by preparations to be out of the office for a week for TLA. Checking to make sure I had all I need, that I had notes about the half dozen sessions that needed to be done at two different conferences within a week's space. Sometimes life just gets like that proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

But then there is home and BH and Scout and calm. And I settle right in to the recliner letting the cares slip away. There will be time for that later. Right now, it is time to talk to BH and Scout. Thankfully, BH is much better at making conversation. And then there is even time for some reading. I have read a bit about the health benefits of reading lately.

I think there i a lot of truth here. Reading has remarkable effects on me. I laugh (I was guffawing all the way home yesterday as I listened to a new audiobook). I cry (so many books lately have been those books that should come with Kleenex tucked inside). I get angry (irrational hate=red of characters in books who hurt the protagonist).

So when I am having a chicken kind of day, I reassert my humanity through books.
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