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Maybe I need to say it one more time

Saw a link today that pointed me to websites that "fuel" a love of reading. Um, no. Websites do not do that. Here is the link: You will see that Accelerated Reader is among the sites listed. Sigh. So, let me try this one more time.

How do we fuel a love of reading:

1. Surround kids with books, all kinds of books, hundreds of books. Some call this a book FLOOD. To me, it boils down to access. If the books are at hand, kids are more likely to read them. But they need to see lots and lots and lots of books. School libraries and classroom libraries need to offer a wide variety of reading fare.

2. Model literate behavior, i.e., show kids YOU are a reader. Let them see the stack of books on your desk. Let them catch you reading. Talk to them about the books you love. And when I talk about those books, I do mean children's and YA books. It is fine that they also see you read "adult" books, but they need to know you are reading their books, too.

3. Ask kids to recommend books to you. I love when someone comes to me at a workshop or conference or bookstore and tells me about a book I might like to read. These connections are terrific when they come from kids.

So, let's lose this notion that web sites and programs are what fuel readers. Books fuel readers.
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