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So, on the drive back from Laredo to home base (7 hours), I listened to the 4th installment of the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS: FOREVER IN BLUE. I must admit, I am ready for Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bea to move along now. However, I have to remind myself constantly that these books are meant for much younger readers than this Nana. I know this was one of the first audiobooks the residents of the back bedroom absconded with as soon as I opened the box. They still love the girls and the jeans and the stories. In the latest edition of the sisterhood, the girls face challenges. Carmen is cast in a play and made to feel inadequate by a would-be friend; Lena is reunited with Kostas briefly; Tibby and Brian are moving into a new realm in their relationships. Bea is off on a dig for the summer. Try as they might to be independent, they all realize that their friends are their real anchors; they keep them from drifting away into sadness and despair. When I turn on my teen ear, I know why these books will remain popular with the YA audience: these girls are reflections of their readers. They share the same fears, failings, triumphs, and challenges. So, even though I am ready to move on, teens are not always prepared. So, even though my magical jeans days are well behind me (pun intended), so much more lies ahead for those two teen readers lounging around watching cartoons this morning.
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