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Sunday Sundry

Karin Perry and I are in the middle of another project. Actually, we are in the middle of a handful of projects. I think we are the Garland-Rooney duo of the modern era: Hey, we have a barn! Let's put on a show! So, tonight we host our first Blab session. We are working on new videos for our You Tube channel, Professors Providing Professional Development. Yesterday we finished an article we are co-authoring and sent it off to the editor (fingers crossed). And, in our spare time, we are putting together a booklet (later to be a book) for our literature courses.

It was nice to take a break this morning and get back to the routine of our Sundays. Passion Sunday service at our new church was a bit different; bagpipes and drums for the procession into Mass. Altar draped in red. And the homily as one that (as it generally does here) made me go, "hmmm." We grabbed lunch at a local restaurant and then came home to change into lounging clothes (i.e., pajamas). I finished a review for VOYA and sent it off (actually 2 days ahead of schedule), paid some bills, and graded work.

If I see a tad scattered, it is because I am. But I am getting ready to put myself back together and dive into a book (maybe 2). When I am reading, there is little multi-tasking. Instead, I sink into the story, becoming lost in the book, enjoying unconscious delight for the time I am immersed in the book. I think in this way that books bring me focus, bring me escape, bring me ideas, bring me release, bring me peace. Books challenge and confront but they also calm and cheer. And so, I will pick up a book and wander into the world of story to emerge refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.
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