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Play seems to be theme for me this week. That might have something to do with the fact that BH and I are on vacation in California. While I am still working my classes and doing some other work-related reading and writing, there is such a wonderful invitation to play right outside the door. The ocean beckons. The blooming azaleas call out. The lure of so many places is irresistible.

I wanted to post something short today before we head out to play at California Adventure or Disneyland or both. This opportunity to PLAY has to do with audiobooks. For the past 7 years, YA Sync has offered FREE audio to the public over the summer months. Check out the web site which has tons of information:

I have used YA Sync each summer for my own reading (with my ears). Those of you in classrooms can encourage your students to access these audiobooks over the summer. Think of the summer reading opportunities this program holds. Consider adding audiobooks to the suggested summer reading lists. Get word to parents. Create a listening club among the staff. There are a myriad of ways to utilize free audiobooks.

What particularly love about how YA Sync works is that they air audiobooks. Each week, two audios are available for download. They are paired in terms of theme or topic or some other element. I love showing younger readers how books can connect in different ways. One pairing I am looking forward to is 100 Sideways Miles and This Boy's Life. A delicious pairing is Grasshopper Jungle with The Omnivore's Dilemma. I cannot wait to begin listening.

YA Sync solves some of the problem with accessibility to books over the summer by providing audio for everyone. Downloads are fast and simple and permanent. Sign up now to receive alerts before and during the summer. And join me in increasing the time I have to read by adding audio so I can read with my ears.
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