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celebrating librarians

I spent the morning with the librarians of United ISD, one of the school districts in the Laredo area. It was a day of celebration. There were gifts and prizes, books, food, and speakers. Many of those in attendance are grads of the LS program at Sam Houston State University, my home for the past 18 years. We take our LS classes to points south and west and east of campus including sites in the Rio Grande Valley and have done so for 30+ years. It is eye opening for me to go to Laredo and the other locations to see what is happening in the world of education there. Laredo is an area that has great wealth and great poverty. Schools have summer enrichment programs to make sure kids get at least 2 good meals a day. They also bring in the community for lunch several days a week. Monies go to the kids and not to a huge bureauracracy here. The schools are lovely; the libraries are well stocked and well staffed (certified, degreed folks in place on ALL campuses).

So, I did my song and dance and spent some time visiting with alums and a few future students. Before I left they handed me this huge box. Inside were items from all the different schools: pencils and pens, notebooks, folders, fanny pack, lunch kit, lanyards, etc. This morning the resident teens scuttled off with goodies (I got mine first). All of them proudly proclaim the campus of origin. I am deeply touched at this generosity, a generosity I know extends to the thousands of kids they serve each and every day.
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