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03 March 2016 @ 12:08 pm
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It is a reprint of an older piece (2002), but some things do not change: TIME, TEXTS, TALK are all still essential components of reading. Imagine a classroom, any classroom, where:

1. kids have time, lots of time to read AT SCHOOL. Yes, home reading is important, too. However, I can control the time at school for reading and often cannot do much for home life that might be as hectic as mine was when the kids were younger (College Girl is 23 now).

2. kids have access to texts AT SCHOOL. While we need to do everything we can to get books into homes as well, imagine a classroom where kids can find almost anything they might like to read.

3. kids can talk to someone else who has read the book. Imagine if that other reader was the teacher or librarian or administrator some of the time.

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